About Us

Laboratory of sensory analysis ONAFT – the first experimental laboratory research and sensory analysis in Ukraine.

The aim of the Laboratory is to determine the sensor parameters of all categories of food; preparation and training methodology experts sensory analysis of food.

The project team is working:

  • Sensory analysis of food by means of international standards;
  • Preparation and training of researchers (experts) sensory analysis for food industry
  • Research consumer preferences and creating a sensory profile (specifications) Ukrainian food
  • Consultation producers of new types of food
  • Advanced training in the field of sensory analysis with the issuance of state certificate

Sensory evaluation performed using human senses – This modern most reliable way to check the quality of food.

Quality control using sensory analysis allows you to quickly and purposefully to influence all stages of food production.

Mission: identification as Ukrainian products on the domestic and foreign markets.

Why use sensory analysis?

  • Approval of the quality and uniqueness of Ukrainian products
  • Storage national consumer traditions
  • Building trust in the brand "Made in Ukraine"
  • Improving the competitiveness of Ukrainian enterprises of the food produktsiyii

Sensory analysis - tools, which are widely used in countries – Member States to raise awareness of producers to attract the attention of consumers to their food products.